View Guro Moe
A low-angle shot of a person singing into a microphone.

Guro Moe

View Sara Harris & Jesse Lerner

Sara Harris & Jesse Lerner

View Guy Klucevsek
Black and white portrait of Guy in a fedora hat and glasses.

Guy Klucevsek

View Daniel Southard Takes a Hike

Daniel Southard Takes a Hike

View Yingjia (Lemon) Guo & Sophia (Siyang) Shen
Two portraits side-by-side of people playing instruments.

Yingjia (Lemon) Guo & Sophia (Siyang) Shen

View Fırat Erdim
headshot of First

Fırat Erdim

View Amit Gilutz
A portrait of a person outside.

Amit Gilutz

View Marc Vilanova
Portrait of Marc Vilanova

Marc Vilanova

View Fay Victor
A person sitting at a table in front of framed photographs.

Fay Victor

View Shinobu Eto
portrait of shinobu eto

Shinobu Eto

View Carolyn Yarnell
A shadow of a person's head and shoulders on orange geological scape.

Carolyn Yarnell

View Thao Nguyen

Thao Nguyen

View Lea Bertucci
A portrait of a person against a white background.

Lea Bertucci

View Michael Ned Holte
Portrait of Michael Ned Holte

Michael Ned Holte

View Project Space: Victoria Shen

Project Space: Victoria Shen

September 27–November 5, Sunday–Thursday 12–5PM; Closed Tuesday October 31.
View Vladimir Rannev
A portrait of a person against a light background.

Vladimir Rannev

View Mary Edwards

Mary Edwards

View Brian Chase

Brian Chase

View Daniel Melo Morales

Daniel Melo Morales

View Alison O’Daniel
A portrait of a person against a pink background.

Alison O’Daniel

View Dina Maccabee
A person standing and holding a violin in one hand and a bow in the other.

Dina Maccabee

View “Tell Them We Were Here” & Vetiver
Sold Out!

“Tell Them We Were Here” & Vetiver

Nov 7, 2021   6–7pm
View Voicehandler
An image if one person overlaid with another.


View Victoria Shen
A woman – Victoria Shen – holding a wafer in her mouth; a deer is nibbling from the wafer.

Victoria Shen

View Pictures of You

Pictures of You

Opening reception: July 8 5-7PM; On view July 8–29, Thurs–Sat 12–5PM
View Matthew Goodheart

Matthew Goodheart

View Brittany M. Powell

Brittany M. Powell

View Evelina Rajca
A crooked cherry tree in bloom

Evelina Rajca

View Thao Nguyen in Conversation with Amanda Petrusich

Thao Nguyen in Conversation with Amanda Petrusich

View Ingibjörg Fridriksdóttir
A person standing in front of a window.

Ingibjörg Fridriksdóttir

View Adam Giannelli
Portrait of Adam Giannelli

Adam Giannelli

View Travis Laplante
A portrait of a person.

Travis Laplante