Fay Victor

Artist in Residence, 2019

A person sitting at a table in front of framed photographs.

Artist Statement

I’m a Brooklyn, New York–based sound artist/composer. Over the past 20 years and over 9 recordings as a leader, I’ve developed a distinctive vocal, language and performing approach that started in the jazz vocal idiom, now encompassing an “everything is everything” aesthetic, the foundation of the music that I perform and compose. In addition, I view the vocal instrument in itself as full of possibilities of sound exploration, the vocal role as direct conduit for language and messages in an improvising context is important and powerful. It’s important that I push the vocal envelope to forge greater expressive possibilities within myself as an artist and as a member of the human race. The more we develop expression ourselves in positive ways, the better tools we have to communicate with others.

While at Headlands

While I’m at Headlands I’ll work on a project called MUTATIONS FOR JUSTICE (MfJ), small compositions or “memes” written to articulate/distill the Trump Administration. The repetitive framework of the memes is developed in performance through improvisation. Along with the lyrics that accompany the compositions, the idea is to treat protest music as a mutable entity and subliminal force, changing how we see. The lyrics so far are a rolling document written in real time. My time at Headlands will help me complete all of compositions, orchestrations, and arrangements (15 written so far) and plan the logistics for the performances and the final recording in October/November 2020. Being at Headlands also enables me to collaborate with musicians in the area to test out ideas, perhaps performing some material in the Bay Area during my time  there. I’m excited to have the time to focus on this project in the nurturing environment of Headlands.

Selected Works

“Big Bags” recorded January 30, 2013; The Fay Victor Ensemble /Absinthe & Vermouth (FV: vocals, composition; Anders Nilsson: guitar; Ken Filiano: double bass)

“I Sing,” August 3, 2017, Fay Victor’s SoundNoiseFUNK/Wet Robots (FV: voice, text; Sam Newsome: soprano sax; Joe Morris: guitar; Reggie Nicholson: drums)