Headlands Center for the Arts


There are 9 micro-climates within the Marin Headlands, and at least that many different ways to experience the place. What you’ll see depends on when you come.

Unlike a museum or a theater, art at Headlands is being produced in real time. Artists participating in our programs are engaged in the behind the scenes aspects of art making – researching, reading, walking, talking, and trying their hand at new techniques and approaches.

A few times a month we throw open our doors and invite you to join us for Public Events, ranging from intimate artist talks and dinners to campus-wide Open Houses. On non-event days you’re welcome to pop by during open hours to explore the artist-rehabilitated spaces, visit the exhibition or artist working in Project Space and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the Mess Hall.

On these days you’re as likely to encounter a wild turkey as you are an artist. And while you’re out here, see what our neighbors in the park are up to, hike the trails or head down to Rodeo Beach to watch surfers and see views of the Golden Gate.

Repeat visitors are rewarded with new experiences and perspectives, from the evolving work and ever-changing roster of artists, to the explosion of wildflowers in the spring and the raptor migration in the fall. This ongoing dialogue between where we are and what we do is what makes this place so remarkable.