person on a large wide beach

Mary Edwards

New York
Artist in Residence, 2022


Artist Statement

I am a composer, musician, and sound artist who uses the medium as an environmental or architectural element to enhance a listener’s spatial-sensory, historical, and ecological awareness. Themes of temporality, impermanence, nostalgia, and the natural world recur throughout my work. All sounds are habitable, and have the potential to be transformative once you get inside them. In my process, I tend to respond cinematically to their constructional and emotional aspects by locating a narrative and cultivating a soundtrack one may associate with acoustic intimacy. It is an extension of my relationship to the natural and human-made environs, its community, and their histories that reveal themselves in these spaces I explore, each being simultaneously intimate and immense.


While at Headlands

While in residence at Headlands, I will break ground on a new work in response to encounters and conversations with and about Mount Tamalpais through combined field recordings, original composition, and sound immersion: its relationship to its inhabitants, its eminence as a sacred epicenter, and its oceanographic origins.