A person playing the accordion.

Guy Klucevsek

Artist in Residence, 2016

Black and white portrait of Guy in a fedora hat and glasses.

Artist Statement

I am a concert accordionist who specializes in composing for accordion, much of it solo, but also in combination with other instruments, e.g., multiple accordions (Accordion Tribe), string trio (The Bantam Orchestra), duos with violin (Todd Reynolds), accordion/piano (Alan Bern) saxophone (Phillip Johnston), and in small band contexts (Ain’t Nothin’ But a Polka Band, Buffalo Braunschweiger).

Much of my music has been commissioned for collaborations from the worlds of dance, theatre, film, performance art, puppetry and object theatre, the audio book, and even the circus.

While many of my pieces are inspired by, and dedicated to, composers from the “art music” world—e.g., Béla Bartók, John Cage, Lou Harrison, György Ligeti, Astor Piazzolla, Erik Satie—just as many are inspired by accordion traditions from around the world, particularly eastern Europe and the Americas, as well as the Slovenian-American polka/waltz tradition I grew up with in western Pennsylvania.

While At Headlands

I have been commissioned by the American Accordionists Association to compose an accordion solo which I will premiere at their July, 2016, convention in Buffalo, NY.

This will be my primary activity while I’m in residence at Headlands.

Selected Works

Dancing on the Volcano, 2006.

Alive & Composing; an interview with Guy about his Innova recording, “The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour.”


Steve Mobia interviews Guy for Steve’s film, “Behind the Bellows.”


Ratatatatouille, 2009.

Larsong, 2009.

Teetering on the Verge of Normalcy