Project Space: Victoria Shen

September 27–November 5, Sunday–Thursday 12–5PM; Closed Tuesday October 31.
Headlands, Project Space

Victoria Shen is an experimental music performer, sound artist, and inventor whose practice extends beyond musical composition and performance to include installations and non-traditional methods of media distribution. Her work manifests the physicality of sound, exploring its relationship to the human body. She does this through the use of modular synthesizers, vinyl and resin records, architectural interventions, and self-built electronics, such as her Needle Nails—acrylic fingernails each equipped with a functional turntable needle, allowing her to play, by hand, up to five record grooves at once.

In Project Space, Shen will continue her experiments with sound and sonic objects, including cast resin vinyl and a diffuse organ composed of suspended reeds, tubing, and an air manifold and compressor. Taking inspiration from Yoko Ono’s 1961 work, Voice Piece for Soprano (Scream 1. against the wind 2. against the wall 3. against the sky), Shen has begun development of a kite that serves as a loudspeaker. While at Headlands, Shen hopes to build a fleet of these kite-speakers to fly indoors and out, through which to deliver Ono’s work to the clouds.


Project Space is on the third floor of Building 944 and is currently accessible only by stairs.

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