Open House

Summer Open House

Jul 17, 2016   12–5pm

Come roam the various buildings of our campus, engage with artists in their studios, experience new work and works in progress, see performances, hear readings, and stay for a housemade lunch in the Mess Hall.

Parking is limited! If you can, we encourage you to carpool, bike, or take the bus. More info on transportation and directions here.

Schedule of Events

1–1:20PM, 4–4:20PM, and 2:30–2:50PM
Building 945, Studio 5

Aki Onda (AIR ’16) presentes “Space Sound Study,” a performance that explores the interstitial spaces between live sound and visual art by utilizing daily objects (buckets, flashlights, bells…) and analogue equipment (tape recorders, radios…).

Building 944, Rodeo Room
Performance / Talk

Plant Family is an iterative, experimental essay project by Nicole Lavelle (GF ’16): The works in this project align fragments of collective California cultural histories with threads of personal narrative. Meditations on my mother’s recent death sit alongside historic images of Bay Area flower growers. Instructions on the care of miniature roses segue into the story of the Grateful Dead’s reunion tour. I am exploring the contemporary climate of San Francisco through an index of its cultural pasts. I am understanding my own grief by construction a place for it.

1:15–1:45PM and 2:45–3:15PM
Building 952, The Gym
Performance work in progress

Lars Jan (AIR ’16) and collaborator Mia Barron will perform.

Reading, Building 944, Eastwing

Lucy Ives (AIR ’16) and Marco Lean (AFF ’15–17) will each read 10-minute selections from recent work.

Reading, Building 944, Rodeo Room

Greg Youmans (AIR ’16) will read selections from recent work.

Reading, Building 944, Eastwing

Kate Folk (AFF ’16–17), Susan Gevirtz (AFF ’16–17), and Lynette Wanzer (AFF ’15–17) will each read 10-minute selections from recent work.

Ongoing Events

Hands-On Activity, Building 944, Officer’s Club

Bay Area Discovery Museum educators will be on site facilitating Tiny Furniture, an all-ages STEM based activity focused on interior design. Cultivate your creative toolbox as you design and build tiny furniture using recycled materials. Consider scale, form, and function as you adorn the interior of our miniature homes.

Building 961
Durational performance

Sound and visual artist Phil Dadson (AIR ’16) performs a compass of 5 hours, 360 songs, and 6 directions.

Installation, Building 944, Second Floor Landing

Malena Lopez-Maggi (AFF ’16–17). In the Air, 2016; dichroic acrylic, dimensions variable. These shapes are drawings of airborne particles from Lopez-Maggi’s Richmond Annex studio, as seen through a microscope.