A shelf with five differently-shaped sculptures.

Shannon Abac


Artist Statement

The unexpected, the mistake, and failure are sources of innovation where disorder and chaos become opportunities for unforeseen possibilities in my work. Guided by curiosity and fascination with raw materials, my art practice involves endless experimentation in an attempt to find balance between chaos and control. Resistance is often met when working with unstable or temperamental materials but I enjoy encountering challenges while attempting to control the uncontrollable.

While At Headlands

As a process-based artist, I have an undeniable propensity toward experimentation with materials. While at Headlands, I will continue to develop and expand my material research further. I plan to broaden my material vocabulary to include liquid latex, acrylic, plaster, and rubber, as well as the myriad of natural materials that can be found in the coastal landscape at Headlands. With an aesthetic based in raw materiality, decay, and disruption, I intend to formulate and work with raw, unfired clay, which will result in a continuously changing viewing experience as the clay begins to dry, shrink, and crack. Ultimately, my intention is to reinterpret conventional materials in an unconventional way and to expand upon and reinterpret the established definition of ceramics.