Spring Project Space Exhibitions

Apr 17, 2016   12pm–Apr 28, 2016   5pm
Headlands, Project Space

Exhibitions by two Artists in Residence will be presented in Project Space each season. Visitors are invited in to witness and engage with the space throughout the exhibitions’ various stages of making: as working studios undergoing transformation, or in their final state as complete exhibitions. Project Space is free and open to the public Sunday–Thursday, 12–5PM.

Spring Project Space Exhibitions

In Progress: March 13–April 17
Opening Reception: April 17, 12–5PM (during Spring Open House)
On View: Through April 28

Adventures in SolitudeCybele Lyle

Incorporating Project Space’s spacious interior and its many windows, Bay Area artist Cybele Lyle’s exhibition works from a queer perspective to explore the unknown by building multiple architectures and rooms within rooms. Evoking the emotionally intimate and inhabitable language of “home,” Lyle produces walls, small objects, and furniture, and incorporates projections, prints, fabrics and other materials into these constructed spaces. From the outset, Lyle’s project articulates an emotional reality—one of privacy, warmth, safety, and intimacy—that always confronts the vulnerability of what is made public and visible. Through this investigation, Adventures in Solitude intentionally conflates the physical and emotional, and blurs the boundaries between form and feeling.

Broken SolarSarah Rara

LA-based artist Sarah Rara’s ongoing project, Broken Solar, is a meditation on natural resources, human-built environments, and the aesthetics of renewable energy. While at Headlands, Rara will work on videos that make use of discarded pieces of broken solar cells by reconstituting and recombining their fragments into warped grids that respond to a mix of daylight and video projection. She will also continue work on a series of paintings of photo-voltaic surfaces. Each painting studies the solar cell as a formal device, and reiterates modular layouts and translations of space, light, and electricity. Broken Solar is fueled by a certain urgency that holds at its core the question of how to sustain life on Earth at a moment of environmental crisis.

Image credits:
Upcoming event image by Cybele Lyle.
Event detail image by Sarah Rara.