An art installation with a large wooden structure in the middle of a gallery. and works mounted on the walls.

Cybele Lyle

Artist in Residence, 2016
Affiliate, 2011 - 2012

In Project Space: March 13–April 28

Artist Statement

Using various strategies of documentation, my work examines issues of identity and social representation by focusing the lens on myself and my community. I explore the connections between constructed space and constructed subjectivity through sculpture, photography, video, and projection. The spaces I create—queer, safe, architectural, and emotional—form a critically reconstructed mirror of reality, an alternative environment in which all forms of intimacy are allowed to be visible. I use social and visual material of my own life to represent spaces of transformative potential and desire.

While At Headlands

I will use (among other things) projection, fabric, photography, and sculpture to construct an installation over a six week period that culminates in an exhibition entitled Adventures in Solitude. My plan is to create several smaller spaces within the larger room, pulling apart and reconstructing relationships between home indoors and the world of nature outdoors.