Shop Talk

Jedediah Caesar & Kate Costello with Dodie Bellamy

Aug 9, 2016   7–9pm
Headlands, Officer's Club
$15 | $12 Members

Shop Talk: Jedediah Caesar & Kate Costello with Dodie Bellamy

Shop Talk brings creative practitioners from disparate fields together for a casual conversation about the conceptual overlaps, or contradictions, within their work, as well as the personal stakes or investments that are involved in their practices. This summer, Los Angeles based visual artists Jedediah Caesar and Kate Costello (AIRs ‘16) speak with San Francisco novelist, essayist, and editor Dodie Bellamy. Together they will unpack the themes that live among and around their distinct projects, which often deftly undo all expectations—by employing formal upendings, shifting narratives, and destabilizing established notions of authorship and truth.