Kate Costello

Artist in Residence, 2016

Artist Statement

I am working with and against the “commonly held” aka, things the mind knows. The myriad and interconnecting languages of daily life are catalysts: remnants of a conversation, the aestheticized text in signage & print, pictures that linger in the mind, pointing hands and speaking mouths, re-discovered notes or sketches, objects that shift as one walks past them. Translation of these thoughts and moments into images and objects relies on the language of drawing as a first mediation and then moves in to the aspects offered by photographs, figurative and architectural sculpture, video, and wall based works. I think through these works in ensemble, within newly created situations and installations of possible and definitive positions.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands I will continue work with Jedediah Caesar on our collaborative project Extraterrestrial, a collection of drawings, sculptures, video, and sound works that synthesize speculative theories. The project draws on conjecture around the roles of pyramids, reliquaries, lightning strikes, and spam text as generative and powerful forces for the world we live in. Past visits to Teotihaucan and Trona, readings of Los Supermachos, and Life after Life are strong influences.