Jedediah Caesar

Artist Statement

I make objects inspired by the use of materials as signs within urban and natural landscapes. My focus has ranged from the Hauser Geode beds in the Mojave Desert, the Quincy Quarries in Quincy, MA, an exploratory mapping of California, and the conceptual structure and practice of Micro nations. Each place is an illustrative site that registers as a sublime natural space that becomes a complex civic space through performative and structural interventions. These landscapes are constructed by the intersection of conflicting social demands that are imprinted on the material site, and become populated with unintentionally produced sculptural objects. I am interested in cycles of action and reaction that define these places and how this cycle reverberates in the production of art.

While At Headlands

While at Headlands I will continue work with Kate Costello on our collaborative project Extraterrestrial, a collection of drawings, sculptures, video, and sound works that synthesize speculative theories. The project draws on conjecture around the roles of pyramids, reliquaries, lightning strikes, and spam text as generative and powerful forces for the world we live in. Past visits to Teotihaucan and Trona, readings of Los Supermachos, and Life after Life are strong influences.