Open House

Fall Open House

Oct 25, 2015   12–5pm

Come roam the various buildings of our campus, engage with Artists in their studios, experience new work and works in progress, see performances, hear readings, and stay for a housemade lunch in the Mess Hall. Check out to see who is working on site this fall!

Parking is limited! If you can, we encourage you to carpool, bike, or take the bus. More info on transportation and directions here.

Schedule of Events

Performance, Building 952, The Gym

Mica Sigourney (AIR ’15) presents Mica Sigourney by Mica Sigourney with interpretation by Megan Brian, a performance that fits squarely into Sigourney’s canon of work which examines the performance of the self, and the performance of the social through fiction, lying, faking, and proxy.

Reading, Building 944, Eastwing

Anne Germanacos (AIR ’15), Susannah Patrice Morse (AFF ’15–’16), and Lyzette Wanzer (AFF ’15–’16) will each read 12-minute selections from recent work.

Reading, Building 944, Rodeo Room

CAConrad (AIR ’15) and Erin Wilson (AFF ’13–’16) will present 12-minute selections from recent work.

Reading, Building 944, Eastwing

Marco Lean (AFF ’15–’16), Sunisa Nardone (AFF ’15–’16), and Heather Smith (AIR ’15) will each read 12 minute selections from recent work.

Writing Exercise, Building 945, Artist Library

Anne Germanacos (AIR ’15) will facilitate a brief writing exercise titled Experiment, collaborate: serious fooling around with words. The exercise will offer a retreat from the day’s excitement and noise, and an invitation into the presence of your own mind. Watch it bring forth something unexpected, in writing. Offer it up to the collaborative work which Germanacos will compose and send to participants upon completion.

Reading/Multimedia Presentation, Building 944, Rodeo Room

Emily Abendroth (AIR ’15) and Susannah Patrice Morse (AFF ’15–’16) will present selections from recent work.

Ongoing Events

Hands-On Activity, Building 944, Officer’s Club

Park Partner NatureBridge will be offering an animal mask creation activity in advance of Halloween! They will also offer a create-a-critter activity out of recycled items.

Installation, Building 944, Second Floor Landing

Ajit Chauhan (AFF ’15–’16) will show new sculptures that are part of the body of work titled, My Geography.

Sound Installation, Building 944, Latrine

Kaveh Irani (GF ’15–’16) will present a sound installation titled, The Hum.

Installation, Building 945, Entryway

Tressa Pack (AFF ’15–’16) will show three diptyches from the Recursions series of work.

Installation, First Floor Hallway: Archive Room Reset, in progress

Carrie Hott (AIR ’14) will have a temporary installation on view for the day.