A black object with sand on either end on a stone floor.

Mona Aghababaee

Artist Statement

My work explores the influences of the social structures and cultural circumstances of everyday life especially in my homeland. The notion of gap that occurs in relation to the body and the space, and the transmutation of this phenomenon to forms and objects are another aspect of work I keen to explore during the process of making. Moreover, vast range of materials and mediums in my work allow me to inquire into their potentiality of transforming the objectivity.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands I will continue process of my work in new space. I explore the potentiality of the environment and Headlands community and their effect on my work. I follow my projects about territory and language in a new context. The historical structure of the headlands provides me an appropriate situation for concentrating on my project based on the notion of borders in a place far from my homeland.