A grid of photographs or rings

Shao-Feng Hsu, "Night Swimming," installation view, 2022; 65 unique silver gelatin photograms; 10 1/3 x 18 1/3 ft

Shao-Feng Hsu

Graduate Fellowships, 2022 - 2023
California College of the Arts

Portrait of Shao-Feng Hsu

Artist Statement

Living near the intersection of water and land in my homeland of Taiwan begat my obsession with questioning, researching, and creating work around water. As a kid, I had to swim to improve my asthma condition, and as a result I have an intimate relationship with water. For me, places where the tide comes and goes are also where history is revealed; such places drive my curiosity to create.


While at Headlands

The Headlands Graduate Fellowship is an invaluable opportunity for me to continue researching, creating, and engaging with my practice critically after graduate school, and to meet many different artists. My creative process is always affected by engaging with different aquatic environments, and I look forward to seeing how my work evolves by immersing in the unique geography that the Headlands offers.


Shao-Feng Hsu, “Night Swimming” Process, 2021; single-channel video