Dia Felix

New York
Artist in Residence, 2023

Portrait of Dia Felix

Artist Statement

Language is my love language. In my multi-modal, unruly writing practice, I engage with memory, obsession, sex, visual art, illness, self-obliteration, chisme, loss, magic, and place, often California. Through experiments in poetry, prose, collaboration, and multilingual composition, I build and fracture worlds and solid perspectives. I am interested in writing/reading as experience, a vapor, something felt more than known. Something that might vibrate, arrest, thrill. Also as a political act because I think the revolution won’t happen from information but more from feeling together and energizing each other. Another world is possible. Destroy the family, pay the poet. 


While at Headlands

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be at Headlands and develop my writing practice in such a special and rich place. I seem to be perpetually haunted by California and its dreams, scars, memories, and mysteries. I wonder what and who awaits me, what surprises and developments may unfold or grow out of the ground. The plan is to continue developing a long-form manuscript: a major experimental hybrid literary work of 120-150k words, aka the great metafictive trashy American bisexual beach read guaranteed to make you cry. Don’t worry it’s coming.