Wall Space: Dia Felix

On view beginning Feb 4, 2024
Headlands, The Commons

Created by Rotterdam-based designer Chris Kabel, Wall Space is a sculptural installation that turns Headlands’ building façade into a canvas for commissioned texts. Inspired by historical movie theater marquees, a hidden armature on the side of the building holds metal mesh letters that respond to the changing light, visible to viewers as cast shadows. The letters are reconfigured into a new poem several times a year.

Dia Felix is a writer and media producer currently living in the Hudson Valley region of New York State. This piece, Coolest Month, is an excerpt from an in progress poetry manuscript largely inspired and informed by Felix’s residency at Headlands in Spring 2023. In this piece, Felix explores the sensations of living and working at Headlands–the liberation from compulsory technology and the rage that accompanies it, the reconnecting with literature and art as a core life commitment, talking to animals, and as ever, as ever, intoxicating romantic love.

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