A woven textile in shades of purple and green

Dance Doyle, "The Changeling," 2022; hand-dyed cotton, linen, silk, nylon, and acrylic; 61 x 121 in.

Dance Doyle

Graduate Fellowships, 2023 - 2024
California College of the Arts

Photo of Dance Doyle, reclined

Artist Statement
I visually record poems and stories through woven, shaped, mixed-media tapestry created on 4-harness floor looms. Self-taught through trial and error, I developed techniques and shaped my work the way I imagined it, tempting the traditional forms of tapestry to follow infinite directions. I use the slit tapestry in order to achieve straight lines and create disjointedness throughout the landscape of the tapestry. I use copious amounts of unconventional materials that are either found or re-purposed to enhance the narrative.

Growing up in Oakland during the 1980s and 90s, I was surrounded by the vibrance of camp and hip-hop fashion, urban decay covered by street art, abandoned apartment stores, pigeon and human shit, crime, busted car windows, the best music blasting everywhere, and a stunning foggy bay backdrop. My visual translation of thought and memory into tapestry has been informed by that beautiful, heavy environment, and aids my re-negotiation of my past, affording me a sense of power I once thought had vanished.


While at Headlands
My hope is to gain a greater understanding of my craft and practice as a whole. I’ll experiment with tapestries that are 3-dimensional, and with applying paint and screen print to my warps before tension. I’m researching where to globally source materials like mill ends, manipulatable metal, and thermochromic thread. I’ll work on two large floor looms in my studio and will experiment with natural dyes. Building a strong, lifetime community, and long daily hikes are also in my cards.