Headlands Center for the Arts

Judit Navratil

california | interdisciplinary
Affiliate Program 2019—2020

Artist Statement

The center of work is the essence and creation of connections: the grandmother spider spirit. My practice is multivalent, engaging performance, social practices, drawing, as well as video and VR.

The relationship between the real and virtual is personally significant to me, as I have moved between several different countries and cultures in my lifetime and rely on digital means to connect to people and places in an attempt to construct “home.” My projects are affective mappings of what it means to continuously oscillate between analog and digital, past and present. I develop #memoryconnectors by observing topophilia and translating these energies to cyberspace.

I use my body-device to keep balance through my compass-meditation: the Long Distance Somersault career. Rolling as far as I can helps me to gaze in the Eye of the Hurricane and seek higher alternatives.

While at Headlands

I’m developing a multi-layered, virtual reality, Social Housing Neighborhood that I plan to expand with an art center based on the community of Headlands.

The Szívküldi Lakótelep considers the possibilities and dangers of “home” in cyberspace. This form is based on my upbringing: being flown on large kites and growing up in a comfort flat on the 8th floor in the late communist era of Hungary. The Neighborhood’s districts build on each other: the shell of one area becomes the beginning structure for another, creating a self-recycling system.

I reserve some parts of the Social Housing Neighborhood for myself as a diary, and other places welcome all people to “move in” with their own treasures through entrance ceremonies—the Digital Doulas Workshops—to maintain balance between social and virtual realities.

I plan to map out this new circumstance while researching its past, somersault through its paths, and make friends with artists who may become my new virtual neighbors.

Selected Video Works

My Hammock is Your Hammock, 2019; Tour Guide Video with LDS rolling around my closest circle of friends and family; 5 min. 30 sec.; © Judit Navratil


Selected excerpts:
1. ‘Uncomfy is Comfy’ // Szívküldi Lakótelep, 2019; Tour Guide Video; 8 min.
2. My Hammock is Your Hammock – LDS in VR Social Housing Neighborhood, 2019; Projection on Salesforce Tower (Boston Properties), with Ava Morton, Efe Ozmen and Maxine Schoefer-Wulf; May 18–20, 2019
3. ‘MÉTA Circle’ // Open Studios ’18 CCA, 2018; Performance; 3 min.
© Judit Navratil


{BaseBase} // Szívküldi Lakótelep, 2018; Tour Guide Video; 19 min.; © Judit Navratil


Old to New, 2018; Ritual roll from CCA Grad Studios, Hooper Street to American Industrial Center (3rd Street, SF), Video: Bianka Bell; 1.2 miles, 39 min.; © Judit Navratil


‘LDS in Virtual Reality Social Housing Neighborhood’ (my hammock is your hammock), 2019; Projection on Salesforce Tower (Boston Properties) with Ava Morton, Efe Ozmen and Maxine Schoefer-Wulf; May 18–20, 2019; © Judit Navratil


Selected Works

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