Headlands Center for the Arts

Autumn Ahn

massachusetts | interdisciplinary

Artist Statement

I am a visual fine artist working with an interdisciplinary and research-based studio practice. I use my elastic dialogue between performance, painting, moving image, and sound to uncover ornamental frameworks that we use to describe the human experience. I ask how those descriptions become histories, what we do with pretexts of hierarchy, and what patterns create links to our longstanding relationship to the unknown. Oftentimes, these experiential pieces reestablish relationships to ritual, public/private space, and language through the invitation of subjective instruments such as time and space. These invisible and often intuitive systems provide a vocabulary to open up bridges between memory and language, and renew our experiences of meaning.

While at Headlands

I will be using the time and space of this residency to construct a responsive landscape shaped by the meeting of sculpture, sound, and moving image in order to think about how our common material spaces guide us through interludes of age, sometimes holding meaning inconsequentially. Through the use of shadows and their physical counterparts I will build a world that responds to the shifts and fluctuations we inhabit internally and externally. The volume of the available space will give me permission to think about loss, or the impact of a present absence. I’ll be digging into this alongside Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s essay about the reverberations of aesthetic assimilations, Jorge Luis Borges’ interview about blindness, and Anais Nin’s reflections about the inner self—works that have helped me  build a dialogue with the direction of my current thoughts.

Banner image: a tall action is not a height, 2017; live performance landscape; 2 hours, each iteration; photo by Pete Ellis


Selected Video

untitled (place & found), 2018 ; live performance; 10:00 min

Selected Works

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