Project Space: Autumn Ahn

June 19–July 10, Sun–Thurs 12–5PM
Headlands, Project Space

Headlands and Project Space will be closed Monday, June 20, and Monday, July 4.


Autumn Ahn’s Project Space residency begins with expanding the idea of movement in physical space to include a sense of movement through time. Whether through drawing studies of bodies in motion, suspending stone with mountaineering rope, or painting using family ink that migrated to the US a generation ago, Ahn thinks through how movement informs identity, consciousness, and society. 

During these upcoming weeks, Ahn will use wire, the light of the sun, and audio to construct an installation that explores metaphors of the sky and the cosmos as a way to think about survival. Meditating on the poetic nature of human consciousness to question mystery, the Project Space will transform, allowing her considerations of utopian myth, absence, and states-of-change to unfold as a responsive landscape. 


Masks required indoors. Project Space is located on the third floor of Building 944 and is currently accessible only by stairs.