Workers Leaving the Googleplex + ScanOps

Oct 7, 2012   4:30–10:30pm
Headlands, Building 944
Performance/Lecture | Free
Dinner $25 | $20 Members

Former Google employee and interdisciplinary artist Andrew Norman Wilson (AIR ’12/IL) explores how systems of labor have both changed and stayed the same in the 21st century information age. In this multi-media lecture/performance, Movement Materials and What we Can Do, Wilson takes on the roles of corporate authority, academic lecturer, ScanOps operative, and his own character. The performance includes components of Wilson’s recent Workers Leaving the Googleplex project, a film and media work built off clandestinely captured video footage of Google’s top secret, marginalized class of book-scanning workers and ScanOps, a printed project presenting smuggled still-images of Google Books scans gone awry.

Wilson’s artistic practice focuses on globalization and its emergent forms and flows of labor, capital, and information. In creating interdisciplinary work, he draws from his immersions in varied forms of corporate control in order to become an actor within the network and generate surplus materials from his interactions.

Admission to the performance is free and drop-in visitors are welcome; dinner tickets should be purchased in advance online

*Co-presented with the ZERO1 Biennial, zero1biennial.org.