Summer Open House

Jul 29, 2012   12–5pm

Join us for Summer Open House 2012! Come roam the various buildings of our campus, engage with Artists in their studios, experience new work and works in progress, see performances, hear readings, and stay for a homemade lunch in the Mess Hall.

Schedule of Events

Readings, performances, a real-time crit session, a metaphorical sound bridge, and more.

1:00 – 2:00PM
Readings/Performances, Building 944 Eastwing

4 x 15  – Our new Affiliate writers, a poet, a playwright, a fiction writer and an arts writer/essayist each give 15-minute readings /performances.

  • Victoria Gannon (AFF ’12), arts writer and essayist, will read Containers of Light and Memory. Using a box of inherited analog media as a departure point, the author considers fossils and technological obsolescence within the context of work by artists Tammy Rae Carland and Brian Dettmer.
  • Kristian O’Hare (AFF ’12) will have actors read excerpts from his play LIKE POETRY, in which memory, regret, and new-age remedies are all brought to bear on a frustrated young man struggling to make sense of his formative years in the “sticks” of Michigan – along with the help of Walt Whitman and the insect world.  Performing actors TBA.
  • Hazel White (AFF ’12) will be reading from her book Peril as Architectural Enrichment.  The poems propel awareness vertically and horizontally and question how limbs want to move in space when convivial with landforms, treetops, views and pollen.  She will also present part of a site-responsive “sonnet,” a work in progress.
  • William Rockwell (AFF ’12) will be reading an excerpt from his novel in progress entitled Wnek in which a hermetic elderly man revisits his young life in a mill town and the surrounding area along the Northern California coast.

2:00 – 4:00PM
Performance, Building 952, the Gym

  • Dohee Lee (AIR ’12), vocalist, musician and dancer will present works in progress with guest musicians Suki O’Kane  and Adria Otte.

2:30 – 3:00PM
Artist Conversation, Building 944, Rodeo Room


Open Studios

35+ Artists in their studios present newly finished work and works in progress. Buildings 944, 945, & 960

Music/Sound Performance,  Building 961

  • Kato Hideki (AIR ’12) presents Hashigakari an active sound installation. Hashigakari is the term for the bridge-like section that connects the backstage and he main stage of Japanese Noh theatre.  It is often used as a metaphorical pathway between life (temporal world) and death (sprit world). The piece consists of three death-related vignettes (my grandmother’s sudden death, my own near-death experience, and a dream of a ghost dog), as well as local sound events that are recorded and amplified live in the room. This active sound installation was designed for two speakers that form a “sound bridge,” using percussion, a prime-number tone generator, and microphones. The audience is encouraged to move freely between the speakers.

Interactive Video Installation, Building 944, Project Space East

Jeremy Mende (AIR ’12) invites visitors to beta test new strategies for his forthcoming series of “public interventions” – works that interrogate our individual and collective sense of choice, awareness, and responsibility. A central piece—and a collaboration with fellow artist Bill Hsu —will be an interactive installation that channels biorhythmic data to explore our perceptions of connectedness to natural systems. View preview video of Mende and Hsu’s installation at Headlands:Demo of Headlands Installation (*This project is made possible in part by California College of the Arts and San Francisco State University.)