An image of a person draped in fabric and lit by a blue light.

DangKuel (performance still), 2019; performance using paper at Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland, CA; Photo: Scott Tsuchitani

Dohee Lee

Affiliate, 2019 - 2022
Artist in Residence, 2012

A portrait of a person with script down the cheek to the chest.

Artist Statement

My organization, Puri Arts, has been working with our cohort of community groups–CoRazOn, Asian Refugees United, and Ieumsae–for over three years. Our work centers on a workshop process, developed by me, of taking individual and collective journey stories and turning them into multidisciplinary ritual performance. Our work helps strengthen these communities while building a platform for empowering and activating underrepresented immigrant and refugee voices. We utilize a creative process of art and healing to address social justice on racial, immigrant, and refugee rights..

While at Headlands

I will work in the studio at Headlands to build up altar/installation pieces for MU/巫: 9 Goddesses, a new ritual performance and installation following the form of a traditional Korean shamanic village healing ritual.

The project was originally scheduled for a Yerba Buena Center for the Arts premiere in May 2020. We’re now tentatively scheduled for Fall 2021. Our time at Headlands will help us keep our artistic momentum going through next Fall, while deepening our performance vision and developing work that reflects the current state of our respective communities.