Open House

Summer Open House

Jul 26, 2015   12–5pm

Come roam the various buildings of our campus, engage with Artists in their studios, experience new work and works in progress, see performances, hear readings, and stay for a housemade lunch in the Mess Hall. Check out to see who is working on site this summer!

Parking is limited! If you can, we encourage you to carpool, bike, or take the bus. More info on transportation and directions here.

Schedule of Events

12 – 1PM
Sound Installation, Building 944, Eastwing

Matthew Goodheart (AIR ’15) will present Piano Oscillation.

1:15 – 2:15PM
Reading, Building 944, Eastwing

Mary Gaitskill (AIR ’15), Farid Matuk (ANW ’15), Susannah Patrice Morse (AFF ’15-’16), and Sunisa Nardone (AFF ’15-’16) will each read 12 minute selections from recent work.

1:30 – 2:30PM
Walking Workshop, Building 960, East Entrance

Renée Rhodes (AFF ’15-’16) presents Visitor’s Center, a participatory workshop that explores somatic practices for the contemporary tourist (the dizzy, the endlessly scrolling searcher, the de-territorialized.) This somatic toolkit is for re-locating ourselves, each other, and for physicalizing the places (2-d and 3-d) that we inhabit.

*Space is limited to 20. First come, first served.

2:30 – 3PM
Performance, Building 944, Rodeo Room

Tina Satter (AIR ’15), a Brooklyn-based writer and director of plays, performance, and video will present recent work.

3:15 – 4:15PM
Reading, Building 944, Eastwing

Marco Lean (AFF ’15-’16), Sandra García Rivera (AIR ’15), Lyzette Wanzer (AFF ’15-’16), and Erin Wilson (AFF ’15-’16) will each read 12 minute selections of recent work.

4:15 -5PM
Discussion, Building 944, Rodeo Room

The Studio for Urban Projects (AFF ’15-’16) is currently working on a book Ground Up: Small Projects for Big Change (working title) that examines the urban prototyping movement in San Francisco and proposes that the policies and projects that have been pioneered in the Bay Area may become powerful tools in addressing urban resilience. During the Open House, Alison Sant will lead a discussion with Planner Neil Hrushowy, Artist and Designer Marisha Farnsworth, and Scientist Robin Grossinger examining the role of tactical urbanism in creating resilient cities. Each of these professionals brings a unique perspective to the common question of how we cope with climate change.

Ongoing Events

12 – 4:30PM
Hands-On Activity, Building 944, Officer’s Club

Park Partner Bay Area Discovery Museum educators will be on site facilitating Construct It! Cardboard City, an all-ages architectural activity that promotes problem solving and design skills. Children and adults are encouraged to join in the cardboard construction fun, and they can add their final creation to a communal project or take it home!

2:30 – 5PM
Sound Installation, Building 961

Matthew Goodheart (AIR ’15) will present an ongoing sound installation in his studio.

12 – 5PM
Installation, Building 945, Entryway

Rachelle Bussières (GF ’15) will show a selection of her new photographs.

12 – 5PM
Installation, Building 944, Second Floor Landing

May Wilson (AFF ’15-’16) will show new sculptures.

12 – 5PM
Installation, Building 960, Entryway

One of Victoria Jang’s (AFF ‘15-’16) sculptures from her Transhipments series is on display.

12 – 5PM
Installation, Building 944, First Floor, Archive Room Reset: In Progress

Carrie Hott’s (AIR ‘14) installation “Building,” is on view for today.