Open House

Spring Open House

Apr 19, 2015   12–5pm

Come roam the various buildings of our campus, engage with Artists in their studios, experience new work and works in progress, see performances, hear readings, and stay for a housemade lunch in the Mess Hall.

Parking is limited! If you can, we encourage you to carpool or to take the bus. More info on transportation and directions here.

Schedule of Events

Screening, Building 944, Eastwing

David Hartt (AIR ’15)
Adrift, 2015; HD Video, duration 17:44. Score by Tape (Andreas Berthling, Johan Berthling, & Tomas Hallonsten)
The film is a work of speculative fiction set 50 or so years in the future, wherein the entire population of the island nation of Tuvalu has been displaced due to global warming and resulting rising water levels. The Tuvalese have relocated to a high-density Soleriesque arcology, commissioned and built on the banks of the Mississippi river. The story draws influence from both Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Kobo Abé’s Inter Ice Age 4.  The main character Saini’s journey traces a territory of uncertainty: uncertain identities, economies and borders. It considers the impossibility of someone living in our present to understand the moral and cultural conditions of someone from the distant future.

Performance, Building 954, The Gym

Nicole Klaymoon (AIR ’15)
Chalk Outlines (working title)
Chalk Outlines interweaves dance, poetry, live song, and documentary theater to respond to the Black Lives Matter Movement. The piece is a dedication in loving memory of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Walter Lamer Scott, and the many other African American men who unjustly lost their lives to policy brutality.

Performing with Nicole are Mike Lemoine, Jon Lee, Rama Mahesh Hall, Nick Brentley, Sheila Russell, Amber Julian, Dante “Animal” Rose, Choi, Solas B. Lalgee, Valerie Troutt, Rashida Chase, Tristan Cunningham, and Jovan Watkins.

Talk/Performance, Building 960, Studio 5/6 

Sasha Petrenko (AFF ’13-’15, AIR ’05)
A World Without Nature
Nature is often seen as something pure and innocent, something that must be protected and kept separate. It’s becoming more clear however that this kind of thinking, Nature as Other, may not only be erroneous, but deadly. Imagine a world without Nature (capital ‘N’). Explore instances in art, science and literature that reflect a more integrated planetary existence, one that holds ecology as the pivot point for human and extra human progress and survival. The talk will conclude with a micro performance followed by Q&A.

Readings, Building 944, Eastwing

4×12: Four Headlands’ writers each give 12-minute readings

Yasmine El Rashidi (AIR ’15) is an Egyptian writer. She writes about art and politics for the New York Review of Books, and co-edits the Middle Eastern arts and culture journal Bidoun. She will read from her forthcoming novel, Chronicle of a Last Summer.

Mardith Louisell (AFF ‘14–’15, ‘96–’99, AIR ’93): Faced with the minutiae and chaos of daily life, most people experience fleeting provocative  and unnerving thoughts, which they refuse to follow-up. In her stories, Louisell follows them to their absurdly comic ends.

Joel Tomfohr’s (AFF ’14-’15) work while he has been at the Headlands has shifted between novel-writing, short fiction, and nonfiction. He will be reading from a story where these three forms meet. It also explores technology, insomnia, disease, happiness, art, literary criticism, memory, nature, loneliness, and relationships. He is sure that there will be more…

For the last year, Hazel White (AFF ‘12–’15), a poet, has posted on Facebook from Battery 129, an old military installation above the Golden Gate Bridge. The time-specific texts include conversations with veterans, landscape theory, and inquiries into race.

Screening, Building 944, Eastwing

David Hartt (AIR ’15)
The Republic, 2014, HD Video, Duration 16:08 Score by Sam Prekop
In The Republic Hartt uses a variety of elements to investigate how a culture’s worldview and history is reflected in its built environment. Greek urban planner Constantinos Doxiadis proposed new city plans for both Athens and the Detroit region after World War II. These plans were ultimately not realized for various economic and socio-political reasons. United by a soundtrack composed by Sam Prekop, The Republic merges footage Hartt shot in Athens and Detroit to create a fictional hybrid city-state.

Reading/Performances, Building 944, Eastwing

Blaire Briody (AIR ’15) is a writer and journalist working on her first book, The New Wild West, a narrative nonfiction account of North Dakota’s oil boom. She’ll read a passage from the manuscript, plus show a short film and photos about the project.

About the film: When the Land Turned Black is a short film that gives a glimpse into the life of a third generation farmer, Donny Nelson, and the changes he’s seen to his land during North Dakota’s oil boom. With over 25 oil wells drilled on his property in the past few years, Nelson has documented spills, accidents and the release of dangerous gasses on his once-peaceful farm. Donny’s connection and love for his land is a powerful contrast to the oil industry around him.

Erin Wilson (AFF ‘13–’15) will present an autobiographical essay about clouds, keeping a diary, morphology, and love.


Building 960, Studio 5/6
Sasha Petrenko (AFF ’13-’15, AIR ’05) – A World Without Nature
See 1:30PM listing for more details


Nicole Klaymoon (AIR ’15) – Chalk Outlines
See 1:00PM listing for more details


Interactive, Building 944, Second Floor, Officer’s Club

Join Park Partner NatureBridge and Coastal Camp for an all-ages, hands-on activity in the Officer’s Club (Westwing).

Building 944, Second Floor Landing

Paolo Salvagione (AFF ’11-’12, AIR ’10) and Jennifer Robin Berry have created an interactive Scent Lab for your olfactory pleasure. Paolo and Jennifer are leading a Scent Lab Fieldworks Session here at Headlands on May 17. Information about it is available at the demonstration lab.

Building 944, Rodeo Room

Staunch and Linger
May Wilson(AFF ’14-‘15, GF ’13) will be showing new sculptures in vinyl, concrete and industrial felt. They are material explorations with otherworldly visage and human disposition.

Building 961
Multi-media installation

Charles Woodman (AIR ’15) is a Cincinnati based artist working in video and new media. He will present ongoing screenings of recent works that explore the natural world, the electronic image, and their place of overlap.

Building 944, Archive Room

Visit Carrie Hott (AIR ’14) as she resets the space formerly known as the Archive Room. Her current installation, “Containers”, will be on view for the day.

Building 945, Entryway and Building 960, First Floor

Tom Loughlin’s (AFF ’14-’15) will show two selections from the project “Five Neon Signs” See more in the artist’s studio: Building 960 Studio 21.