Opening Reception

Tomorrow is Already Here

Jan 26, 2020   2–5pm
Headlands, Project Space
FREE and open to the public

Join us in celebrating the opening of the exhibition, Tomorrow Is Already Here, and a preview of work in progress for Fog Beast’s March 7 and 8 performance, These Lines Are Living.

Tomorrow Is Already Here unveils work related to a new programming thread at Headlands: Thematic Residencies. Thematic Residencies begin with a prompt—what do artists know?—and gather artists and non-artists such as scientists, policy makers, and community advocates who are experts in related professional fields to ideate and collaborate on how the arts can help to produce innovative, culturally relevant research and serve communities on the ground. Tomorrow Is Already Here draws from the practices of participants in Headlands’ 2016 and 2018 Thematic Residencies focusing on climate change, and includes new works, collaborations, commissions, and writing emerging from the research and encounters during the residencies. Alongside the exhibition, performance duo Fog Beast will use Project Space to research, rehearse and develop material—a process that will happen in real time and be open to the public—for These Lines Are Living, a commissioned performance which grew out of collaborations between 2018 Thematic Residency participants Melecio Estrella (Fog Beast) and Andrew Jones. Performances of These Lines Are Living will take place March 7 and 8 on Rodeo Beach in conjunction with the closing of Tomorrow Is Already Here.

Participants include:
Kat Austen, Artist †
Gaye Chan, Artist †
Adriane Colburn (AIR ‘05), Artist *
Sofia Córdova (AIR ‘18), Artist *
Fog Beast (Melecio Estrella † & Andrew Ward), Artists
Ayasha Guerin, Artist †
Ellie Irons, Artist ‡
Andrew Jones, Climate Scientist ‡
Miriam Simun (AIR ‘18), Artist *
Raj Pandya, Climate Scientist †
Mika Tosca, Climate Scientist †
Pinar Yoldas, Artist *
Ulrike Zöllner, Artist
Marina Zurkow, Artist †

* 2016 Thematic Residency participant
† 2018 Thematic Residency participant
‡ 2016/18 Thematic Residency advisor


Project Space is located on the third floor of Building 944 and is currently accessible only by stairs.


Image: Miriam Simun (AIR ’18), still from Your Urge to Breathe is a Lie, color video with multi-channel sound, 2019