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Project Space presents site-specific exhibitions that are guided by information and experiences gathered while work is in progress at Headlands. Home to select Artists in Residence each season, as well as occasional group exhibitions by visiting artists and curators, Project Space is a place of exchange among working artists and visitors—a place where ideas are germinated, conversations are shared, and new work is made.

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Believe only the caravan’s trace.
2020 Graduate Fellowship Exhibition

November 12–December 13, 2020. Viewing by scheduled appointment.

“A desire to create new connections marks the novel works of the seven Graduate Fellows at Headlands Center for the Arts. Using diverse media, the artists develop new languages around significant historical events and underrepresented communities.

Like many artists before them, the Fellows arrived at Headlands with curiosity, and in its magical landscape, they followed their curiosities individually and collectively. But the disruptions that will define this year began bending and stretching their time. Already asking timely questions, their artworks didn’t need to change to address those disruptions. Their new bodies of work tell seven important stories at a global moment of transition. This agility attests to the authenticity and thoughtfulness at the center of each project. Their work echoes what art does best, using the traces of the past to represent a different version of history, and to imagine multiple futures.”

– Yomna Osman, Guest Curator

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Kelly Akashi (California) | Anna Fitch & Banker White (California)
September 17–November 14, Sunday–Thursday, 12–5PM

Kelly Akashi
From self-consuming flames of dripping wax candles to the ephemeral light filtering through blown glass objects, Kelly Akashi’s sculptures often exist in a perpetual state of metamorphosis. Even hands cast in bronze seem poised to caress or to beckon if only given a moment. During her residency at Headlands, Akashi will continue exploring notions of transformation through observation of the Headlands landscape and its geological and biological changes. The resulting research will inform new photographs and sculptures that will be shared through Project Space.

Anna Fitch & Banker White
For Anna Fitch & Banker White, filmmaking is a social act. The duo regard the subjects of their documentaries as collaborators—a unique relationship that ultimately pushes both parties beyond their comfort zones and creates something wholly different than what would have been possible individually. During their residency, Fitch & White will be working on their multiplatform documentary Heaven Through the Backdoor. Told through the stories of Yolanda Shae, a close friend of the filmmakers’, the film blends intimate documentary footage with cinematic interpretations to explore the emotional complexities surrounding the death of those closest to you, and of facing one’s own mortality.