Distanced Event

In Conversation: Tom Colcord and Glen Helfand

Thursday, July 7, 12:30PM

Join us live on Instagram at @HeadlandsArts for a walkthrough of The Maximalist, with Tournesol Award Recipient Tom Colcord and critic Glen Helfand, July 7 at 12:30PM Pacific.

In describing Colcord’s work, Helfand writes: “He’s taken to the environment, filling his studio, and this exhibition, with large otherworldly canvases and small studies of pattern and straightforward landscape that function like orbiting moons caught in the pull of visual essence. We enter Colcord’s universe with our own subjectivities, and we feel part of this place, too.”

The Tournesol Award recognizes an emerging Bay Area painter in support of establishing and maintaining a career in the region. The Award supports a full year of artistic development, and includes a $10,000 stipend, a private studio, and a culminating exhibition or project of the artist’s choice.