Open House

Fall Open House

Oct 19, 2014   12–5pm

Come roam the various buildings of our campus, engage with Artists in their studios, experience new work and works in progress, see performances, hear readings, and stay for a housemade lunch in the Mess Hall.

Parking is limited! If you can, we encourage you to carpool or to take the bus. More info on transportation and directions here.

Schedule of Events

Reading, Building 944, Eastwing

A. Igoni Barrett (AIR ’14)
Mardith Louisell (AFF ’14-’15, ’96–’99; AIR ’93)
Miranda Mellis (AIR ’14)
Joel Tomfohr (AFF ’14-’15)

Screening, Building 944, Rodeo Room

Natalie Zimmerman & Michael Wilson (AFF ’13–’15, AIR ’08)

A Ritual of Recovery—suspended in time and space
3-minute looped excerpt from their film currently in-production, OCEANIA: Encounters at the Edge 

Produced and Directed by: Michael Wilson and Natalie Zimmerman
Performers: David Katz, Sarah Palmer, Danishta Rivero
OCEANIA spans opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean in search of what ties our seemingly fragmented histories, disparate experiences and future fates together.
Throughout this feature-length film, the viewer is taken on an exploration that begins on the North Pacific Coast–at the site of a former military bunker and geological fault line (the filmmakers’ current base)–to the Earth’s center, where the Equator and International Dateline intersect. In this part of the South Pacific, we visit a group of coral atolls known as the Republic of Kiribati. Climate scientists predict that these low-lying islands will be uninhabitable by 2030, due to rising sea levels caused by climate change. Here we are introduced to a traditional village and our main character, Tekinati—a mother of 4 whose ancestry on these islands dates back over 3000 years.
As we return to the North, we reflect on our techno-industrial perspective and the “ecological rift” that characterizes our own cultural context. This rift is mirrored in the geological landscape. Here is a place where the North American Continental Shelf plunges in depth and darkness; where radioactive waste was dumped for over 30 years, forever submerged on the sea floor. The Ritual of Recovery takes place on this edge, where we attempt to reawaken our connection to that which sustains us.

2:00-2:30PM and 3:00-3:30PM
Performance, the Gym, Building 952

Daiane Lopes da Silva (AIR ’14) performs Null—a work in progress that investigates how fractals can be translated into movement and visual performance. Choreographer: Daiane Lopes da Silva. Technologist: Weidong Yang. Dancers: Chin Chin Hsu, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Diane Mateo, Esha Nambiar, Irene Hsiao, Priscila Park, Raquel Boluda and Qinmin Liu.

Please note – space is limited! Doors open 15 minutes before the performance begins.

Talk, Building 945, Studio 13

The Studio for Urban Projects: Alison Sant & Richard Johnson (ANW ’14, AIR ’01) Alison Sant, co-founder and partner in the Studio for Urban Projects will present the introduction of the book they have been working on during their Alumni New Works residency currently titled Ground Up: Small Projects for Big Change, published by Island Press.

Reading, Building 944, Rodeo Room

Hazel White (AFF ’12-’15) performs a piece she presented at a For-Site event at YBCA in August, a response to Nathan Lynch’s sculptures, Dead Reckoning, which were part of the BAN7 exhibition.

Erin Wilson (AFF ’13-’15) will present an autobiographical essay detailing the Wilson economic model, including an overview of its parameters, a definition of terms, and an analysis of relevant data. The essay is part of a series about siblings, hope, and the future.

4PM – Gather at Building 960
4:15PM – Performance, Battery Wallace

Sasha Petrenko (AFF ’13–’15, AIR ’05) and The New Urban Naturalists will perform (RE)TIME, and will conclude with a short reading.
(RE)TIME: Knowing the Geologic Time Scale from the Hadeon eon to the present may work to alleviate some contemporary stresses. Consider your time in relation to Earth-time.

Meet Sasha at the common area of Building 960 at 4PM for a group walk up to Battery Wallace.

Hands-on activity for all ages! Building 944 Westing (Officers’ Club)

Make your way to the second floor of Headlands Main Building 944 to join our Park Partner NatureBridge for an all-ages art activity featuring recyclable and reusable materials!

Create a critter with reusable materials. For this project we encourage all artists to create either a real creature or one of your wildest imaginations. We will supply the materials, you bring your creativity.

The other project will be to decorate an animal mask of your choosing. Owl, Raccoon, Butterfly, or Rabbit. Use markers, colored pencils, crayons or anything else you can find to help your animal mask come alive.

Music Performance: Building 961

Daniel Corral (AIR ’14) will perform throughout the day.

Experiential 12 – 1:30PM + 3:30 – 5PM: the Gym, Building 952, Daiane Lopes da Silva

Daiane Lopes da Silva’s (AIR ’14) Kinetech Arts Lab is a platform for artists of all disciplines, technologists, hackers and curious minds to meet and explore, pushing the boundaries of live performance at the intersection of art and technology. Labs are held every Tuesday night at KUNST-STOFF arts.

Please note, space is limited.

Installation: Building 944, 2nd Floor Landing

 Meghann Riepenhoff (AFF ’12–’15)

Archive Room Reset: In Progress, Building 944, Archive Room

Stop by Headlands Archive Room where artist Carrie Hott (AIR ’14) has some archival ingenuity underway. Over the next year, Hott will be curating small-scale exhibitions from the over 600 objects that have been contributed to Headlands’ Archive Room over the last several decades. While we wait in anticipation for the opening of Hott’s full renovation in 2015, these quarterly rotations will present viewers with glimpses into Headlands’ material history—constellating objects based on similarity of form, utility, thematic, or merely nomenclature.

“Handle,” Hott’s most recent pop-up, will be on display at Open House for one-day only.