Photo of a person sitting in meditation in front of colorful trains

Tianzong Jiang, "Train of Thoughts," 2023; video still.

Tianzong Jiang

Graduate Fellowships, 2023 - 2024
Mills College at Northeastern University

Artist Statement
Through video, installation, sculpture, and performance, I create experiential interventions and idiosyncratic performances that undermine the seriousness of art making and challenge conventional perceptions of the mundane. The series of works informed by my meditation practices can be regarded as contemporary “koans.” For example, my video installation, Train of Thoughts, was inspired by my inability to subdue the thoughts rushing through my mind during a meditation session. I made the situation literal by meditating in front of live tracks with trains periodically running behind me.


While at Headlands
During my time at Headlands, I plan to expand upon my current performance and video practice. For example, I might start with turning my journey driving to Headlands into a video installation, as I make a full circle around the Bay with each trip.

Artist portrait by Michael Halberstadt.



Tianzong Jiang, “Train of Thoughts,” 2023; three channel video, 14:21.


Tianzong Jiang, “Slip Hitting Self,” 2023; video with sound; 14:01.