Installation view of an installation featuring plugin lights that resemble small fires, video monitors, and other objects.

Samuel Wildman, "A Kind of Cleanness" installation view, 2023; porcelain, stoneware, nightlights, charcoal activated soap, subway tile, paper towel dispenser; 15 x 14 x 4 ft. Photo by Graham Holoch.

Samuel Wildman

Graduate Fellowships, 2023 - 2024
UC Berkeley

Portrait of Samuel Wildman with plugin lights that look like little fires

Artist Statement
I work in sculpture, video, and installation. As a handyman and a dad my practice is rooted in the strange and sometimes mystical bodies of knowledge embedded in the soft labor of caretakers, baby whisperers, and fixers. In my most recent work I’ve made emotional obstacle courses with participants; produced flame-shaped porcelain nightlights that mimic the fire icon on wildfire tracking maps; converted an amazon box into a small, tiled, recirculating fountain; and partnered with the UC Industrial Ergonomics Lab to study the risk exposure of various hug styles. I use my practice as a space to reflect and build on what it feels like to lovingly make a home, raise a child, and build community while smoke creeps under the door.


While at Headlands
I’ll be working on a project I started with the UC Industrial Ergonomics Program. Using their lab equipment and methodologies I conducted two studies: a hug study that examined the risk exposure of various hug styles and a nap study that examined the perils of rest. Using data and observations from our work in the lab I will be designing a series of objects that mediate environmental hazards in coastal areas.