Animated gif of a glitchy pattern.

Peter Burr

Film/Video/New Media
Artist in Residence, 2019

A person sitting at a desk.


Artist Statement

For the past decade I have centered my art practice on immersive cinematic experiences, primarily through animation and installation. I create works that are intimate in the way only interactive media can be, depending as it does on human input to sustain itself. My current body of work incorporates the writings of game designer Porpentine Charity Heartscape to create a collection of moving image works that experiment with styles and conventions common to contemporary video game culture while giving voice to an often marginalized perspective. In this way, my new film Aria End plays with empathy and perspective. In a world where humanity shares its consciousness with anything, normative prejudices get lost in the labyrinth alongside all else.

While at Headlands

In video games there is the concept of a dungeon that generates itself: an endlessly mutating labyrinth. Through the help of Headlands Center for the Arts, this environment will become a film entitled Aria End. It charts a narrative arc through Aria, a trans woman with an intelligent synthetic gut who cleans up an abandoned subterranean labyrinth—the site of a massive disaster known as “The Mess.”

View Living In the Gap: In Conversation with Peter Burr

Living In the Gap: In Conversation with Peter Burr