Npuinu "Corpse" Detail. 5184 × 3456. 2021.

Julia Rose Sutherland

Artist in Residence, 2024

Artist Statement

My practice is rooted in my Indigenous mixed heritage as a settler and a Mi’kmaq woman of the Metepenagiag Nation from Redbank, NB, Canada. I bring together the social issues connected to lived experience and the brilliance of my people, nation, and land. Serving as a platform for critical examination, the work addresses systems of commodification, representation, value, and identity politics that have impacted Indigenous peoples across the globe. Contributing to a broader societal discourse on decolonization and social justice by fostering dialogue on the marginalized treatment and representation of Indigenous communities.


My art unveils the repercussions of colonialism, postcolonial trauma, and economic factors on spiritual well-being and mental and physical health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. I seek to evoke a profound understanding of the lived experiences of Indigenous peoples, fostering a larger conversation on the significance of cultural revitalization and the ongoing struggle against systemic oppression.


While at Headlands

While at Headlands, I plan to delve into the evolution and reconfiguration of a profoundly personal piece titled Gepmite’tg (gep·mi·deetk) “Paying homage.” This work holds immense significance for me, addressing the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in North America. The re-imagined project will center around using remains of earlier work to create a new series of anthotypes print work. This will be done using strawberry juice, handmade paper and the sun, adding metaphorical richness to the narrative embedded in the ceremony. Additionally, I aim to advance an ongoing beadwork project, a recreation of a Hudson Bay blanket. Immersing myself in the Headlands environment, I anticipate getting to know the land, and the collaborative atmosphere will profoundly influence my creative process, possibly leading me in unexpected but enriching directions. While my initial vision provides a foundation, I am open to the organic evolution of my work during this residency.