A series of monochrome, square paintings in various colors mounted on the side of a shipping container

Jeff McMillan, work in progress, Lubbock County, Texas, June 2022; 10 paintings, oil on linen, each 79 x 65 in.

Jeff McMillan

United Kingdom
Artist in Residence, 2023

Portrait of Jeff McMillan

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist originally from Texas but have now spent nearly half my life living in London. My practice has evolved from working in response to found materials such as abandoned cardboard boxes, second-hand paintings, or used papers or fabrics which I manipulate with paint in a deliberate, reductive manner. I often paint whenever I travel, using whatever comes to hand, wrapping stones, shells, books, or other objects in paper then applying paint. The completed work retains the time and place of its origin, and a notion of site resides within a finished painting. I try to remind myself to keep things simple, to leave room for the effects of accidents, time, and weather, and to avoid thinking anything is beyond repair. 


While at Headlands

At Headlands I look forward to exploring the grounds, the coast, and the city to see what materials and ideas present themselves. My hope is to minimize screen time, maximize thinking time, read more books, write, and generate new work. As I am writing this, ideas for sculpture are forming in my mind, but painting is my default and is never far from my thoughts.