Evelina Rajca

Artist in Residence, 2023

A crooked cherry tree in bloom

Artist Statement

Through my artistic research practice, I am exploring the echoes generated by new technologies on our “nature,” particularly in the field of perception and the production of (counterfactual) imaginations. I am particularly interested in the diverse ways information is encountered and processed, exploring the (un)known potentials and limitations of perception and the senses. Related to this is the question of how the resources that embed and process this information are regulated and cared for within human and non-human boundaries. Here, the genealogies of knowledge—the created instruments and concepts for organizing, classifying, and regulating information in order to construct meaning and support decision-making processes—play a crucial role. I translate these investigations into new instruments, experimental documentation, collaborative interventions, and algorithmic compositions  and present them through multisensory installations incorporating human and non-human performances.


While at Headlands

My work will delve deeper into the complexity of perception within human and non-human boundaries. I am combining these insights with my artistic research and work on perception and material studies, considering the energy and bio-politics of global jurisdiction processes. While building, for instance, on my recent work “sleep-wake architectures” I will further explore the interconnection between the generation of knowledge, decision-making, and (in)justice. How does one counter systemic injustices that arise when the search for truth and progress are misappropriated for economic gain?

Here, I plan to further investigate how specialized and sometimes ambiguous terms (i.e., language, codes, laws), (im-)materialities, and mental models that crystallized from the past influence well-being and future progress, as well as the interpretation thereof. Through human and non-human performative interventions and multisensory installations I aim to explore the ethics and poetics of multispecies epistemologies.