"Never Meant to Survive," directed by Charlotte Brathwaite; video still courtesy of the artist.

Charlotte Brathwaite

NY; Senegal
Artist in Residence, 2023
Artist in Residence, 2020

A portrait of a person outside with foliage.

Artist Statement

As a creator/director, forms are in conversation in my work: spectacle meets town hall, plays meet political occupations, praise ceremony meets concert, and films become participatory experiences. My work conceives of solidarity as a creative process: an experiment we pursue together in what we make out of our presence. I try to pull into focus what cannot be easily seen, what is hidden beneath thick layers of historical injustice, bias, and passive agreements to terms none of us seem to be responsible for creating. I am invested in the sublime and poetic manifestation of our common liberation.


While at Headlands

I will spend my time at Headlands investigating personal and social forms of worship and ritual. I want to explore how rituals, worship, and spirituality support cultural values and survival. My focus will be on completing scripted versions of two new film/performance works.

Artist portrait by Barbara Anastacio.