An image of an art installation comprised of pipes and plumbing fixtures mounted to a gallery wall.

Anja Ulfeldt, "Domestic Infrastructure #3," 2016; interactive fountain; cast iron drain pipes, antique hand pump, electric pump, wood, steel, plumbing, audio equipment; 6.1 x 7.3 x 1.5 m

Anja Ulfeldt

Artist in Residence, 2021
VBC Artist Award, 2020

A portrait of a person leaning against a painted wood and brick structure.

Artist Statement

I’m an Oakland based sculptor, educator, and independent curator working primarily in large-scale installation and sculpture that focuses on engaging audiences through unexpected, playful, and educational experiences with art. Through interaction, sound, and performance, current projects incorporate sensory encounters while touching on core themes such as resource allocation, reuse, repair, and adaptation. Using salvage materials and technology to investigate the built environment, I look for ways to foster thoughtful relationships with emerging and declining technologies through contemplative interaction. It is our moment-to-moment relationship with our own inventions, both simple and advanced, which informs my work.

While at Headlands

While at Headlands I will continue my work with infrastructure by breaking it down to basic elements in the form of sculptures that convey water, move air, and create encounters with electricity and radio waves within the space. My current work-in-production includes a series of anti-surveillance structures that either provide disguise when viewed from the air or provide electrically shielded environments with selective information allowed to leak in or out. These spaces function as privacy shelters that offer safe spaces to meet and converse without oversight or interruption.