Headlands Center for the Arts

Chasen Wolcott

california | visual
Tournesol Award Program 2018—2019

Artist Statement

Hesitation kills. The speed of modern life gives me adrenaline to paint faster with confident decision-making and control. I process real-life situations, then respond with artistic fascinations and painterly gesture making visible the process of searching and real-time intimacy.

Inspired by the optically rebellious attitudes that exist between Futurism and Impressionism, my mixed Native American and Mexican heritage is expressed through primitive mark-making and primordial elements. Using a variety of contemporary and traditional materials, I am able to understand how direct painting can open up highly constructed layers in efforts to build a more present moment in painting.

While at Headlands

I am a visual artist and California native finding authentic qualities and energy through painting. Driven by the inescapable qualities of West Coast angst and the natural world, my work constructs a rich autobiographical quality through source material. Whether it’s abstracted or more representational, the paintings construct with free association a psychological experience of place and reveals aspirations to experience the medium in one pictorial field.

Sustaining a meditation of perception to a captivating new series of paintings, my mixed Mexican and Native American heritage will allow me to share the same motives and structure of living the same way the Coastal Miwok did before Headlands Center for the Arts was even operated by the military. Recognizing the creative environment and progressive creativity of the Headlands strikes a new integration of genres, subject matters, techniques, and exhibition strategies to come together in one place.

Selected Works

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