Headlands Center for the Arts

Chasen Wolcott

california | visual
Tournesol Award Program 2018—2019

Artist Statement

I am a California native and a visual artist who works in drawing and painting. Driven by the inescapable qualities of the natural world, my work investigates the autobiographical translation of subject matter into a process of discovery through painted color and line. This collection also incorporates various artworks into my own mixed Native American and Mexican descent, as well as intersections with mythology. I grew up finding creative lines through surfing, skateboarding, and outdoor adventure, thriving in the angst of west coast storytelling culture. Living in locations from San Diego to Ventura, I recently migrated north and landed in San Francisco to receive my MFA, where I now live and work. I describe myself mainly as a painter, but I also explore sculpture, film, and photography from time to time. The speed of modern life allows me to translate whatever subject matter through confident brushwork and mark making into a pictorial playing field of unstaged intimacy.

While at Headlands

I want to extend my feelings about adrenaline, the ocean and the places I’ve seen or experienced. I plan to use various methods on paper and canvas that create flow in action painting. Recognizing the creative environment and progressive exhibition strategies to come together in one place.

Selected Works

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