Threshold Fellowship

The Threshold Fellowship brings together cohorts of experts—artists and non-artists—from across sectors to investigate critical social issues. Launching in 2022 with an inaugural cohort of three practitioners, the program builds on early successes of the Thematic Residency program, and facilitates intensive research and exploration of topics such as climate equity, environmental racism, and the future of palliative care and psychedelic drug research. The Fellowship supports longitudinal collaborations and partnerships across fields and expertise, with a special focus on the power of creative processes to produce the knowledge and systems necessary to confront our society’s most pressing concerns.

Threshold Fellows each receive a $10,000 annual stipend and access to further resources, such as onsite facilities, Headlands retreats, and funds for project development, fabrication, or travel. Each Fellowship is expected to include one onsite Headlands residency per Fellowship year, engagement with Headlands artists and the public, and work towards defined outcomes and/or projects.

The Threshold Fellowship is currently by invitation only.