Headlands Center for the Arts


The success of our programs is rooted in the rich, diverse, and ever-changing group of individuals who come together here to share ideas, make new work, break bread together, and learn from each other.

Each year, approximately 90 exceptional artists take part in our programs. These artists are selected based on the merit of their past work, their potential to be culturally influential, and their readiness to engage with Headlands’ site and programs.

We have over 1,400 alumni artists out in the world making things happen. Many credit their experience here as being a pivotal point in their careers, and their work is widely published, performed, and collected.

Our staff is a small, remarkable team of people. They oversee the facilities, make sure beds are made, curate public events, update Facebook, make pasta from scratch, and call members to say thank you (among dozens of other things).

Our Board of Directors comprises a diverse group of individuals who give generously of their time, expertise, and financial support and work in concert with staff to ensure the overall wellness of the organization.

Our supporters share our values and generously support our work.