Fieldwork Session

Weaving Baskets & Stories

Mar 22, 2015   2–5pm
$90 | $80 Members

Employing nimble fingers and minds alike in this introduction to basket weaving, interdisciplinary artist Sasha Petrenko (AIR ’05, AFF ‘13–’15) will guide participants in the dexterous intertwining of utility and narrative in this communally-oriented craft. Glean strategies about sourcing local materials, fabled histories and trades of the technique—both human and animal—and circle up to share stories as you create a small onion or garlic basket that will become woven into your daily life.

About Fieldwork Sessions

Fieldwork Sessions are inspired by the resources of Headlands’ dynamic artist community, unique site, and the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re a practicing artist looking for deep engagement with your work, a creative thrill-seeker looking to get your hands dirty, or an arts appreciator looking to learn more about the creative process, Fieldwork Sessions (ranging from a one day activity to a three week series) are led by multidisciplinary presenters and are designed to send participants home with the skills, objects, and relationships born of their experience.

All Fieldwork Sessions participants must be 18 or older.