Headlands Center for the Arts

Translocura: Art at the Brink of Madness

January 20—February 24, 2013

Opening Reception

Sunday, January 20, 12 - 5PM


Sunday - Thursday, 12 - 5PM



From the Mess Hall

Mess Hall Café Open


Project Space

Guest Curator John Jota Leaños

In the most ordinary moments of experience our perceptions can shift from feelings of control, understanding and clarity to those of chaos, confusion and uncertainty. These unsettling transitions, from the concrete to the disjointed, from the expected to the unforeseen, lend us a peek into the potential madness or locura that lies just beyond the normalcy and routine of everyday life. The disorienting experience of translocura can be simultaneously humorous, unsettling or traumatic as ambiguity surfaces and confusion reigns.

In this exhibition artists chosen from Headlands’ 2013 Artist in Residence Award applicant pool attempt to fashion a sort of representation, a bold glimpse into the locura, offering varied perspectives on the uncertainty and pendejismo of everyday experience.