Object Lessons
in Project Space

Nov 2, 2014   3–5pm
Free | RSVP Required

Join Fall Project Space artists Ying Zhu (AIR ’14) and Janelle Iglesias (AIR ’14) for an afternoon exploring both preexisting and untapped perceptions of space, materiality, the body, and the reflexive boundaries between each.

Event is at capacity; to be added to the waitlist, please RSVP here.

About Janelle Iglesias: Sculptor Janelle Iglesias (AIR ’14) explores the multiplicity of meaning in everyday objects and the innately human desire to find both metaphor and order in the materials around us. Iglesias draws out unsuspected connections between these objects by placing them in contradictory contexts—often orchestrating the organic with the industrial. The resulting sculptures have varying effects—some are poetic or humorous, strangely harmonious, physically or conceptually unstable, or poignantly ironic.

More about Ying Zhu: A reflection of her personal experience as a young immigrant from China to the Midwestern United States, Ying Zhu (AIR ’14) seeks to evoke a sense of “searching” in viewers of her work. Zhu creates site-specific installations in which she slightly—but significantly—alters commonly understood space and objects. The resulting work causes viewers to question physical functions that are often taken for granted—such as walking or talking—making them suddenly feel like foreigners in their own body.

Image Left: Ying Zhu, No Strings Attached, 2012.
Image Right: Janelle Iglesias, Wooden Sandwich, 2012.