Dinner & Conversation

Mary Gaitskill & Greil Marcus

Aug 9, 2015   4:30–8pm
$35 | $25 Members

In Conversation: Mary Gaitskill & Greil Marcus

Indelible contributors to American literature, essayist and novelist Mary Gaitskill (AIR ’15) and cultural critic Greil Marcus, will read from and discuss their recent projects. Continue the conversation over dinner in the Mess Hall. This event is presented in partnership with Zoetrope: All-Story, an art and story quarterly published in San Francisco.

Event playlist

The following playlist brings together songs that were noted by both of Sunday’s speakers as having significant meaning to their individual projects. The three songs that are at the center of Marcus’ Three Songs, Three Singers, Three Nations (fall 2015, Harvard University Press) are indicated with asterisks. Guests at the event heard the playlist when they entered the Eastwing where the readings and conversation took place on Sunday.

Can’t Find My Way Home, Blind Faith
Bringin’ On The Heartbreak (Live 2012), Def Leppard
Gracias a la Vida, Mercedes Sosa
I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground, Buscar Lamar Lunsford*
Gossip Folks, Missy Elliott
Horses, Patti Smith
Talk That Talk, Rhianna ft. Jay Z
Last Kind Words Blues, Geeshie Wiley*
Wildfire, Michael Martin Murphey
The Wind, Cat Stevens
Thirteen, Big Star
Ballad of Hollis Brown, Bob Dylan*
Spain, Kristin Hersh