Food as Culture

Living Foods

Aug 14, 2016   5:30–11:59pm
$40 | $30 Members

Get a taste of Headlands Chef Damon Little’s kitchen, which always stocks sprouted breads, sauerkrauts, miso, and any number of pickled things. Little will serve a multi-course, family-style meal that uses many of these fermented, sprouted, and pickled foods as their base or accompaniment. Wonderfully, not only do these ingredients bolster the flavor of many of Little’s most beloved dishes, they also activate an array of nutrients, promoting good digestion and a healthy microbiome. Come hungry for a small dose of explanation by Little and guest Jessica Prentice (former Headlands Chef and now of Three Stone Hearth), a lot of eating, and an intimate look at one of Headlands’ most vital activities—the nourishing of artistic practices.

We invite you to come early to attend the opening reception of the Summer Project Space Exhibitions! Learn more