Fieldwork Session

Going Coastal

Sep 13, 2015   3:30–6:30pm
Offsite: nearby Marin coast
$90 | $80 Members

Get fishy with renowned Bay Area sea forager and sustainable fisheries advocate Kirk Lombard as he leads a low tide tour, and demos how to forage seasonal seafood straight from the shore using poke poles, drop lines, and crab snares. While Lombard instructs on how to identify safe-to-eat fish and shellfish, and the legal and ethical techniques for bringing them to your table, he will also regale you with sea life lore.

Please note: this session takes place entirely outdoors, at an offsite location on a nearby coast. Location details will be sent to registered participants before the session.

Optional drinks with Kirk will follow the session!

About Fieldwork Sessions

Upping the ante on studio visits and hands-on activities, Fieldwork Sessions provide an intimate and casual space for collective experimentation and conversation that is as much insightful as it is playful. All Fieldwork Sessions participants must be 18 or older.