Desire Trails

Desire Trails

Mar 8, 2015   12–5pm
$35 | $25 Members

Desire paths are well-trodden trails created by foot traffic, where the ground becomes imprinted evidence of a place that wants to be discovered, and the people who seek it out. Grab your walking stick for this edition of Desire Trails, and embark on Headlands anew with an artist, writer, or civic leader whose poetic turns on the land will shift your interpretation of this beloved and complex locale. See, touch, hear, and converse alongside fellow amblers, and reconvene in the Mess Hall to swap stories of your steps and enjoy a post-trek meal.

Walks leave from Main Building 944 at 12PM. Ticket price includes meal.
Looking for a family-friendly hike? Register for Elaine Elinson’s walk.
All other hikes are for participants 18 years or older.

Choose one of the following & take to the hills:

Miguel Arzabe

“Begin with letting go” as you mindfully, and silently, ascend toward the stunning coastal vista on this contemplative, presence-building hike with artist Miguel Arzabe.

Sofía Córdova

Inspired by her “Enciclopedia Infinita” project, join artist Sofía Córdova on a Borgesian hike of the Headlands, collecting pictorial specimens for an absurdist archive along your labyrinthian way.

Elaine Elinson

Set out on the Bobcat Trail to find clues to the little-known but richly embedded history of Portuguese dairy farmers in the Marin Headlands with writer, historian, and activist Elaine Elinson. This family-friendly walk invites hikers of all ages; please come prepared for a one-hour walk.

Tupelo Hassman

Trek through narrative and neural pathways with novelist Tupelo Hassman as you deepen your understanding of the brain’s muscle for remembering the sensorial and object world around us.

David Janesko

Dig into the manifestation of time and power in Headlands’ active geological life, and discuss the Anthropocene—an epoch brought about by human impact—with artist and geologist David Janesko.

Deepa Preeti Natarajan

Attend to the underbrush with ethnobotanist Deepa Preeti Natarajan, as you learn the esteemed history of traditional plant-based medicines from various cultures.

J. John Priola

Re-frame your point of view with photographer J. John Priola. Will this moment be recorded as an ephemeral and mutable memory, or a tangible and visible document? Bring a camera, or other image-capturing device. Photo enthusiasts at all levels welcome!

Egon Terplan

Unlock new insight on the ill-fated development of Marincello as SPUR’s Regional Planning Director Egon Terplan connects saving the Marin Headlands to ongoing growth pressures across the Bay Area and Northern California “Megaregion”—which metabolically ties urban areas and its hinterlands.