Distanced Event

Communities of Care

Sep 30, 2020   12–1:30pm

Communities of Care: A COVID Keywords Conversation


This event will take place via Zoom. Stay tuned for registration info!

Participants in “COVID Keywords: Communities of Care” will consider the lessons we have learned, or failed to learn, about concepts like public health, risk management, criminalization of disease, and collective power and action from artists and activists responding to the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis as we face the unpredictable landscape of COVID-19. While COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS are different diseases that need different solutions, our experiences of both pandemics serve as a reminder that artists and marginalized communities often develop and use some of our most potent tools in response to crisis, while institutional insistence on business-as-usual often magnifies harm and inequity.

Participants include:

  • Theodore (Ted) Kerr (moderator), a writer, organizer and artist focusing on HIV/AIDS, community, and culture.
  • Kneeshe Parkinson, Positive Women’s Action Network Policy Fellow and State Lead for Missouri
  • Sarit Golub, Ph. D., Professor of Psychology at Hunter College and Director, Hunter Alliance for Research & Translation


About the COVID Keywords Conversations:
The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated policies, guidelines, and practices have laid bare fundamental, systemic inequities, tensions, and sites of struggle and power coursing through our cultural and social frameworks. As an extension of Headlands’ Thematic Residencies—our cross-sectorial convening and residency program—the Keywords Conversations take their name from both a “keyword” project that resulted from a Headlands Thematic Residency on climate equity, and from Raymond Williams’ essential work, Keywords, a collection of cultural histories of words as sites of struggle.



Image: “can we make the most…” from the Where it Starts series, 2019, Theodore (ted) Kerr.